A2E Parenting

Welcome to a new approach to the art of parenting. 

Why is this new... well it's not really, it's about the oldest thing there is.  It's just that too many of us have forgotten about, or gotten distracted from, the basics.  What is new, is that what I propose here seems to be a necessary precondition to many, if not any other parenting approaches, and not really operationalized in the manner you will learn about here. 

I have run many parent seminars where the experience goes somehing like...

I have this belief in my work as a counselor, a parent, a manager, etc... that if something is overly complicated I am skeptical.  Simple is often the smartest approach.  So too with parenting.  In my work with parents, I very often hear things like, "well that makes sense".  If this is true, that simple works, and simple is very frequently forgotten, then what intervenes to make the obvious not so obvious?  How about stress, distress, emotions, intensity, life or death worries, fear... things we can probably all relate to.